0.79 has ARRIVED

This was a huge update in terms of story and character scenes, but there’s actually not much new hentai added. I guess this is just proof that even a porn game creator can make true art or something. Princess has new Investigations available, and there are multiple new scenes to Hold Court in the throne room as King. The biggest focus in this version is Sagiri, who has a bunch of new scenes… including a battle with an evil wizard to “rescue” her (and take her to your own evil tower).


Version 0.77

The Princess has finally arrived, and she’ll be looking to investigate and put an end to the villain (you) who overthrew the Kingdom! Sylvia has a new sex scene, and her daughter can appear after she gives birth. In addition to some other minor additions, both Show Off and Resvin got a new scene each. Resvin can wear glasses!


Version 0.76 has been released!

Have pregnant sex with the Elf Goddess and finally make her give birth in public. Sylvia has new scenes including the ability to deliver her child, and some more yandere content! Make sure to turn the Brutality spell to the highest setting for some extra creepy dialogue. I’ve also started working on a new Exhibition quest line that involves the Show Off character from the bath.


Version 0.72 has been released!

There’s some fun new stuff to do with Mea, including the ability to send her to the tower. She’ll share the branch room with her daughter, and the two will be very surprised to see each other there! Mea can also have repeated pregnancy and birth, as well as a new CG and some new scenes. I also expanded the customer list for the prostitute characters in the bar, and some other misc stuff. Most importantly I restored the Full Reset option to Voletta, and I made it so the Queen can be returned from the Monster Cave freely.


Version 0.70

Lots of monster cave stuff, especially advancing the Queen’s content in that map. As always when I do monster stuff I also tried to do my best to include other, non-Monster content. That way the people who don’t like monster stuff will have other things to do. Cherry’s portrait set was redone, including a few new variants, and she was given some minor updates. Voletta’s materials were further refined, adding and streamlining to her most recent set of updates. Enjoy it!

Version 0.62

It’s update time again. For version 0.62 there were a lot of minor art touch ups as well as some new art assets (mostly portraits) for characters in various places. We didn’t get any new CG, but there were still some new sex scenes and lots of interesting minor things to do.


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