Version 0.70

Lots of monster cave stuff, especially advancing the Queen’s content in that map. As always when I do monster stuff I also tried to do my best to include other, non-Monster content. That way the people who don’t like monster stuff will have other things to do. Cherry’s portrait set was redone, including a few new variants, and she was given some minor updates. Voletta’s materials were further refined, adding and streamlining to her most recent set of updates. Enjoy it!

Version 0.62

It’s update time again. For version 0.62 there were a lot of minor art touch ups as well as some new art assets (mostly portraits) for characters in various places. We didn’t get any new CG, but there were still some new sex scenes and lots of interesting minor things to do.


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Version 0.56 is out

hey if you’ve ever used the internet before you probably know how to find the download page by clicking the link above


version 0.56 is done!


some old portraits have been redrawn

new egg laying scene and monster sex for polyquin

a new bar worker can be recruited and has lots of fun scenes

there’s some other good stuff


just go see it for yourself!

Version 0.54, the long awaited Kath update!

New visual updates, indicators, and small additions to the dialogue of various minor characters.


Of course, the thing that many people have been waiting for:


After finishing Kath’s main quest she can now be repeatedly fucked, impregnated, and gives birth to many of your children! There’s also options for playing her earlier main quest events in an alternate way, although most of those are just ways to skip to the end faster.


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