Version 0.40

Unsurprisingly, Version 0.40 is out right on schedule!

Check the DOWNLOADS section for the latest link.

In this version I added a lot of stuff for Sylvia, and the City based NPCs.

There’s even a special scene where you can play with Sylvia and Kath together…

2 thoughts on “Version 0.40

  1. I found a little problem with the having the mother give birth.
    The picture of the babies head coming out tends to stick around if you watch the scene.

    1. Irate, thanks for reporting this. This is actually a “known” issue that I’ve been trying to work through, but I haven’t found a great solution yet. It’s very strange and inconsistent. The way the game renders the animation, sometimes it stays on the screen and sometimes it doesn’t. Does it do this every time for you, or just sometimes? I’ve found that I was able to make it go away and stop doing this most of the time, but I never felt confident that I had completely resolved the issue. No one else has reported seeing it yet, so I’m wondering how rare the issue still is.

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