Version 0.50 Has Been Released!

This one ended up being a major update, but I’ll try to condense all of the major points:

1. Tons of art updates for various characters all over the place.

2. New activities in the bar with Piney

3. New activities in the throne room with Cherry

4. The Curious NPC has her main quest updated with MANY new scenes On top of all that I added a game over screen where you can get dom’d by lady Garnet, and Mea has been added to the game as well.

Check the DOWNLOADS page for the link, and be sure to join the DISCORD!

Time to start nesting with version 0.48!

A new artist, Jamber, has joined the team and provided us with a lot of new art for the Harpy character as well as some bonus CG for the Cattle Gal scenes… and more to come! For now, go check out all of the new scenes that I added for the Harpy.

She has more sex options, pregnancy, and she can lay eggs (as well as a little surprise!)

Don’t forget to check out the new Witch’s Forest as well. If you have enough power to get in there, I’m sure you’ll be able to fuck the Witch without too much trouble!

Check the DOWNLOADS page for the latest version…