Version 0.72 has been released!

There’s some fun new stuff to do with Mea, including the ability to send her to the tower. She’ll share the branch room with her daughter, and the two will be very surprised to see each other there! Mea can also have repeated pregnancy and birth, as well as a new CG and some new scenes. I also expanded the customer list for the prostitute characters in the bar, and some other misc stuff. Most importantly I restored the Full Reset option to Voletta, and I made it so the Queen can be returned from the Monster Cave freely.



1 thought on “Version 0.72 has been released!

  1. Just tried out this game and it’s a blast! I tried to sign up for your Subscribestar, but it doesn’t seem to have a button to do so, even though I can apparently sign up for other creators. Is something wrong?

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