Version 0.87

Okay so I know this one took a while but I hope people are happy with it, or at least happy that the direction the game is going. It’s now possible to make more choices and interactions involving the Queen, starting from early on in her quest line. Most importantly, Lust and Charm paths have been added. You can advance the Queen’s storyline by charm and gentle sex options without needing to abuse her and break her mind at all. I also added a new job for Piney at the bar which involves some really fun public spanking and other options. Lastly, the Princess continues her quest. She can move past the investigation phase and go to the Tower. It won’t be much longer before she falls…

In the midst of this I also somehow found time to completely overhaul the Horn Village maps and add more Villagers. I’m really happy with the result and I think the place feels a lot more dynamic and alive now.