0.89 is out!

I won’t say ‘sorry for the delay,’ since I made the decision not to stick to two week update deadlines anymore. But I will say ‘thanks for being patient’! I know these bigger updates take more time, but it’s worth it as we move toward the final stage of development. The more time and effort I put into each of these final updates, the less rushed the final product is going to be.

Hstrvx and Tsarina got new art and new scenes. The previous poll winner, Princess, has a new interaction with Sagiri. I’ve added a new portrait set to greatly diversify the appearance of minor NPCs encountered in the city and villages. Some of them had no portraits before, others shared the same portrait between many characters. Now they have a wider range of visuals. I also added new materials for these types of characters, including one whose appearance you can customize before playing her story.