Version 0.93 has been released!

While working on bikini art for some of the characters, we decided to make bikini sprites for them as well. And, since we were already doing this, we updated several character sprites like Queen, Meradis, and Hstrvx to more closely match their portrait. There’s new content to view on the Beach. You can progress the Princess main quest and chat with her about a lot more things now, as well as having sex with her without needing a threesome with the Queen. If you already had sex with her, and want to experience her losing her virginity in a solo scene, don’t worry; You can erase her memory and even restore her virginity status! By the way, Cherry got some new updates as well, including the ability to have Sagiri come to the house and have tea. Of course you’ll be given the option to interrupt their chat and make things lewd…



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