Version 0.94 is here!

Actually, it’s 0.94b. I did a quick fix almost right after the 0.94 release, so most people are only going to see this version.

There have been a lot of small visual updates like alternate poses and idle stances, more updated sprites for certain characters. Cherry has several new quest updates and a new scene. The Beach has been updated, particularly with a scene that allows Hstrvx and the Elf Goddess to compete over who is the most popular Beach Gal!

Some minor NPCs like Bunny and Inky got a bit of attention, and Hstrvx main story was updated as well. You can now obtain her Collection item and view her ending, which also triggers another scene. Finally, Sagiri is up to her usual shenanigans, and she can now assist the player in molesting and having sex with the Princess. I think that’s everything, but this update was extremely dense with new content!

Check the GUIDE for more info…