Version 0.94 is here!

Actually, it’s 0.94b. I did a quick fix almost right after the 0.94 release, so most people are only going to see this version.

There have been a lot of small visual updates like alternate poses and idle stances, more updated sprites for certain characters. Cherry has several new quest updates and a new scene. The Beach has been updated, particularly with a scene that allows Hstrvx and the Elf Goddess to compete over who is the most popular Beach Gal!

Some minor NPCs like Bunny and Inky got a bit of attention, and Hstrvx main story was updated as well. You can now obtain her Collection item and view her ending, which also triggers another scene. Finally, Sagiri is up to her usual shenanigans, and she can now assist the player in molesting and having sex with the Princess. I think that’s everything, but this update was extremely dense with new content!

Check the GUIDE for more info…


Version 0.93 has been released!

While working on bikini art for some of the characters, we decided to make bikini sprites for them as well. And, since we were already doing this, we updated several character sprites like Queen, Meradis, and Hstrvx to more closely match their portrait. There’s new content to view on the Beach. You can progress the Princess main quest and chat with her about a lot more things now, as well as having sex with her without needing a threesome with the Queen. If you already had sex with her, and want to experience her losing her virginity in a solo scene, don’t worry; You can erase her memory and even restore her virginity status! By the way, Cherry got some new updates as well, including the ability to have Sagiri come to the house and have tea. Of course you’ll be given the option to interrupt their chat and make things lewd…


Update 0.92

Thanks to some new art, Meradis is now able to continue her work in the bar after you get her pregnant. It’s a good thing, too, since she is very popular and loved by all of the customers! Actually, there were LOTS of portrait updates this time; Meradis, Kath, Sylvia, Cherry, and the Elf Goddess. Cherry’s ending is now viewable. She has her own ending that is separate from her shared ending scenes with Sylvia. There’s more art and more updates for most/all of the characters listed. There’s some monster cave and exhibition type stuff, but also some extremely adorable/wholesome and funny content with Cherry if that’s more your preference.


Release 0.91

I’ve added some new jobs for Meradis to do at the bar, and she’ll also appear in the Tower on the second floor. Most importantly she can now get pregnant and give birth, many times. She has a full pregnancy quest/storyline similar to how Sagiri works. Speaking of Sagiri, she has a new scene with Show Off and you can also now view her Ending.

I added a few more art updates for Hstrvx and some more minor additions to her existing scenes, following up on what I started in 0.90 and 0.90b. There’s also a new animated impregnation indicator… which can be viewed in the Queen/Princess threesome scene. Yeah, we’ve waited long enough. It’s finally possible to fuck the Princess. She will later get her own solo scene, but the Queen/Princess threesome was the winner of the most recent poll.

Anyway, long story short, there’s a ton of content again. Probably as much as 0.90, but I managed to finish it in 1/3 of the time thanks to no winter depression.


Version 0.90

After winter depression, the absolute hell of writing another battle scene from scratch, and three months of work, I was able to finally complete the largest update so far. I’m pretty sure this has around 10x as much content as the usual update. Not even kidding.

Meradis and Polyquin main story sections were updated, Mea and Voletta got new scenes, Elf Goddess main story section was updated. There’s a bunch of other stuff. Just… check the full version notes, honestly. I had to write so many version notes already. It’s honestly too much to summarize.


Release 0.895

I’ve been working pretty hard on the 0.90 Update, but it’s getting to be quite large and I didn’t want people to have to wait any longer to get some kind of new content. For that reason I decided to compartmentalize things. I’m releasing 0.895 which contains all of the updated Dungeon content – Slut, Rion, the Southern Girl, and Jill all have updated code and events, more dialogue, pregnancy, and birth. There’s also been minor fixes to art and code in different events from the last few updates, anywhere I found errors that needed to be updated with any of the Dungeon characters, as well as a few other bonus scenes. The promised 0.90 content with updated story and events for Polyquin, Meradis, and the Elf Goddess will come within the next few weeks.


0.89 is out!

I won’t say ‘sorry for the delay,’ since I made the decision not to stick to two week update deadlines anymore. But I will say ‘thanks for being patient’! I know these bigger updates take more time, but it’s worth it as we move toward the final stage of development. The more time and effort I put into each of these final updates, the less rushed the final product is going to be.

Hstrvx and Tsarina got new art and new scenes. The previous poll winner, Princess, has a new interaction with Sagiri. I’ve added a new portrait set to greatly diversify the appearance of minor NPCs encountered in the city and villages. Some of them had no portraits before, others shared the same portrait between many characters. Now they have a wider range of visuals. I also added new materials for these types of characters, including one whose appearance you can customize before playing her story.


Version 0.88 has arrived!

I’ve expanded the Shiny City map a bit and massively increased the influence of the Corruption stat over citizens. You can find more instances of crime, assault, and degeneracy. As the level rises, the victims will become more complicit as everyone is more corrupt overall! Sagiri’s costume scene gained a few new optional customer interactions to help highlight her ‘outgoing’ personality a bit more.

Lastly, the Harpy was given some new bonus scenes. Have her visit you at the Tower, deal with the Harpy attacks after people in court complain about her, and of course… if she refuses to behave, you can punish her in some fun new ways!


Version 0.87

Okay so I know this one took a while but I hope people are happy with it, or at least happy that the direction the game is going. It’s now possible to make more choices and interactions involving the Queen, starting from early on in her quest line. Most importantly, Lust and Charm paths have been added. You can advance the Queen’s storyline by charm and gentle sex options without needing to abuse her and break her mind at all. I also added a new job for Piney at the bar which involves some really fun public spanking and other options. Lastly, the Princess continues her quest. She can move past the investigation phase and go to the Tower. It won’t be much longer before she falls…

In the midst of this I also somehow found time to completely overhaul the Horn Village maps and add more Villagers. I’m really happy with the result and I think the place feels a lot more dynamic and alive now.


Version 0.86

Okay so this was a pretty big update, even requiring three full posts in the discord update log! The activities of the Elf farm have been expanded to include milk production and the ability to sell milk and sell elf slaves to the merchants after you breed enough of them. New elf portrait variants were added, and the Forester elf character has her own little quest line now as well. I’ve added some updates to random villagers in Horn Village (including your potential daughter, Sunny). Additionally, Voletta has a bit of new content that follows up on her most recent update. I think that’s everything but there’s probably some other minor crap I forgot. Just check the update log!